Diet: discover the tricks 20 saves Online

Diet: discover the tricks 20 saves Online

tricks 20 saves Online

tricks 20 saves Online

You’re using a eating habits and yet you can not shed weight while you really should? Are you currently really guaranteed you happen to be following everything for the mail? At times you obtain overly enthusiastic and also you believe you may make minimal adjustments with out limiting the effect. But it’s not so, and sometimes the outcome prove the item.
Listed here is a guide packed with points salvalinea that can provide hand to counteract sgarra unsafe… but also many little tricks spicologiche along with functional tactic for swifter obtain.

1) Never skip breakfast, thinking thus to save calories. In fact, eliminating the first meal of the day it will be easier to experience hunger pangs mid morning and fall quindiin excesses at lunch time.

2) If during the diet assails you a desire for sweet, enjoy a small slice of apple pie or tart fruit, or two scoops of fruit ice cream or creme caramel with skim milk. Instead Keep away from desserts like crème or chocolate. To retrieve lecalorie, Abolish the bread during the day.

3) Always carry a bottle of water: it serves to blunt the attacks of nervous hunger and helps depurarti waste and toxins and reduce water retention.

4) If you can not hold back at the table, preparing a salad with chopped celery, carrots, fennel, radishes, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes. A portion of 100 g of this mix vegetables contains 25 Kcal. In addition, the texture of the vegetables will force you to chew longer, giving you a quick sense of satiety.

5) The ideal pasta diet? Spaghetti. Because their long, thin shape does not retain gravies. butterflies, conchigli and fusilli, instead, fill up a lot of sauce, and then fat. Obviously it should be avoided to make the shoe with the bottom of the pot!

6) Oil and butter are not the only possible toppings. To flavor the salad you can prepare excellent sauces with herbs or with low-fat milk and a pinch of paprika, a cream or yogurt with soy sauce and chopped capers. They provide only 6 calories per teaspoon and replace in a pleasant 65 of a similar amount of mayonnaise.
Instead, in the pan to cook green beans, peas and other vegetables, use in place of butter a dash of cream: the first contains 750 kcal per 100 grams, depending on the 300. And it takes a lot less!

7) Always keep at home a jar of pickles: you will serve in many occasions, for example in place of vegetable oil containing a hundred or more calories per serving. They are also excellent to flavor boiled meat, which would otherwise be seasoned with oil or other sauces. They are also a valuable ally when colgie a sudden craving for sweets: the sour taste will take away the sugar cravings.

8) An omelet light? It is prepared with an egg and two egg whites. This way you will save about 48 Kcal, because red is much more calorie white. The kitchen, however, must be done using a nonstick pan from the bottom, which completely eliminates the seasonings.

9) The cheese cooked on the plate more satisfied than that consumed naturally. Take the chance to halve the portions. For cooking are fine scamorza fresh, giving only 210 Kcal the pound.

10) Do you prefer bread, pasta and rice in full: they are rich in fiber, which stimulate bowel activity and anticipating the feeling of satiety.

11) If you like wine, drink even two drinks a day, divided between lunch and dinner, but pour it into the flute of sparkling wine has the advantage of containing less liquid.

12) If you are undecided between rice and pasta, choose the first without fail: the calories are more or less the same, but the rice absorbs more water during cooking and a lot of increases in volume. So, to get a wild good portion, it needs less.

13) If you have the moral ground and need gratification “greedy”, at least try to be overdriven in the morning. In the early hours of the day the body produces much more insulin (the hormone involved in the metabolism of sugars) than the afternoon and evening. It is therefore easier to dispose of without consequences gluttony.

14) The aperitif is a must for you? Avoid alcoholic cocktails that can reach the same calories in a plate of pasta and instead prefer soft drinks and light, like tomato juice. Alternatively, ok also flute of sparkling wine, which makes only about 60 Kcal.

15) Did you just put on a diet: the first day resent a lot of the restriction to the table and you leave the table still hungry? Remember that some foods have a satiety index than other and it is on these that you can point to overcome the obstacle and are: cod, potatoes, oatmeal, apples, pasta, poached eggs.

16) If you have already tried so many times to lose weight but have always failed, try searching for a friend who has the same intention to lose weight. It is the best way to not get caught up in despair if the results will start showing up.

17) In order to fool the eye and not feel a victim of the diet, use large plates to eat vegetables and small plates for first and second. And, Seper case remain leftovers in pots and pans, “hide them” immediately in the refrigerator.

18) Keep a diary for jotting down every day what you have eaten and all the temptations to which you have been able to resist. Always keep an eye on and consult it when you feel like overdriven … It will be easier to think “if I resisted when I can do it again.”

19) Chew each mouthful at least 20 times before you swallow. as well as aiding digestion, extends the time that you go to the table with the illusion of eating more.

20) Remember that dieting does not mean giving up the pleasures of the table with a tablecloth so visual equipment always cheerful and very colorful and decorating dishes with sprigs of herbs or with slices of orange or lemon, or with raw vegetables.