French Toast Recipe

French Toast Recipe

Description: You may not be familiar with this name, but if you go in the recipe, is likely to be that the option of preparing toast for breakfast your mother or grandmother. I offer an amazing, easy breakfast option prescription French chef Christophe Michalak. Toast, cooked in this way, to taste reminiscent of delicate creamy cake. And not only the younger members of the family, but you have breakfast this toast caramelized with great pleasure! In Canada, French toast is called Ain dore%?” -. Bread goldenEnglish name - French toast.” In Spain - The torrija.” In Switzerland, this dish is called doree Sroute-. Golden crust In Germany, it says” Armer Ritter , which meanspoor knight . In Portugal, the french toast is a traditional dish of Christmas and is calledRabanadas. “

French Toast Recipe

French Toast Recipe

For children: For breakfast
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For breakfast

Ingredients for “Pain perdu French toast.”

 Cream-120 ml
Milk, 60 ml
Sugar (a little more ‘for the caramelization) -40 g
Egg yolk-2 pc
Bread (. Or stale muffins, pastries) -6-8 pieces

Recipe “Pain perdu. French toast”:
Pain perdu. French toast bread for toasting can not take these fresh – is raskisnet. In the evening, leave the bread on the table, it dries in the morning and out of it will be possible to make great toast. I used the homemade bread with poppy seeds.
Then, cut the bread into thick slices at least 1, 5-2 cm. This is important! The bread can not be cut into thin! Crust cut. It remains diced and drain in the oven, the soup for lunch.

Pain perdu. French toast In a large bowl, combine the cream, milk, egg yolks and sugar. French chef has added to the mixture still vanilla and rum. This can be done to your hand, if there is a desire.

Pain perdu. French toast Toast to put in the milk mixture and leave for half an hour, an hour (depending on the degree of hardness of bread), toast should be completely impregnated! To toast soaked in milk faster, you can press them a couple of times a large spatula to them, like a sponge, absorbed the creamy maximum.

Pain perdu. French toast Put the pan over medium heat, melt the butter, sprinkle 2-3 teaspoons of sugar (preferably brown). Several times to tilt the plate in all directions for the sugar dissolves more evenly. Do not mix!

Pain perdu. French toast Once the caramel begins to pale gold, put toast in skillet. You need to tilt the plate in different directions, shaking everything soaked toasted caramel.

Pain perdu. French toast Brindisi not fry! The fire does not increase! We just need to warm toast to cook until egg ready, both inside and outside the toasts are tender, soft. Turn once.

Pain perdu. Serve hot french toast with jam, honey, fresh berries or fruit. I served with orange peel marmalade.